It is an all-new experience where visitors themselves become part of the art by simply posing infront of the many 3D paintings and taking pictures. The clue is that these paintings host a 3D illusion which – once photographed – becomes incredibly realistic.

Imagine kissing a tiger, dog walking a dinosaur or climbing a rock without any safety equipment! You can experience all that and much more at the brand new interactive 3D exhibit „Be part of the Art“!

These specific painting techniques have their origins in street painting arts. Opposed to any other exihibition it is “mandatory” for visitors to bring their camera or smart phone and take as many pics as possible!

No boundaries are set to the creativity and phantasy as every painting can be interpreted in various ways which results in a selection of unique photos for each guest. A guarantee for many likes once shared on FB and Instagram! This is a unique experience where family and friends can create memories that will last forever!

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