Dinos Alive at the Kursaal in Oostende – Belgium

Dinos Alive at Kursaal Oostende

A huge dino adventure – come if you dare!

Dinos Alive throws you back million years in time and describes the story of the largest animals who ever lived on this planet: the dinosaurs! This fascinating journey through the history of the dinosaurs from all prehistoric periods is now open at the Kursaal in Oostende – Belgium.

The almost 2,000 square-metre dramatic jungle-like arena (divided over 4 rooms) opens a window to a world lost to history, with dinosaur robots that move their bodies, eyes, tongues, fingers and even stomachs.

Trekking through the simulated wilderness visitors will face giant displays of life-like structures and skeletons, rendering the most realistic and intrinsic experience. Dino Fans will experience the terror of the ancient earth by a gigantic true-to-life 16 x 6m huge Tyrannosaurus rex (T-Rex) robot as well as the terrifying Triceratops. But also less well-known dinos, such as the Spinosaurus and the Ankylosauris are part of this extraordinary expo.

Dino Alive is a highly interactive and educational exhibition that offers many interactive activities for children and families such as a Dig Pit!, Dino-Rides and  a Dino-Kiosks. At the Dino-Store visitors will be able to bring home treasures from the prehistoric world. For more information about ticket prices, discounts, opening hours and general info please visit www.dinosalive.be.


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