EMS Entertainment opens historical Terracotta Warriors Exhibit in Dublin

The world renowned exhibition Terracotta Warriors (The Terracotta Army of the “First Emperor of China”) is coming to The Ambassador Theatre in Dublin from Friday 4th July 2014. Tickets from €8 on sale now from Ticketmaster and the box office at The Ambassador Theatre daily.


210 bc emperor Qin Shihuangdi died. During his lifetime he ordered a spectacular tomb to be built in his honour. Because he was the first of his imperial dynasty he expected to last for 10,000 years, so his tomb was quickly forgotten. In 1974, farmers in Xian, in the Chinese province of Shannxi found the tomb of the first emperor when digging for a fountain. People were astounded when they heard that a huge, life size army of naturally crafted terracotta warriors had been uncovered. In 1987 this incredible treasure was declared a world cultural heritage by the UNESCO.

This exhibition has over 150 perfectly executed replications of The Terracotta Army of the First Emperor of China, displayed on 800 – 1,000 m2 (10,000 – 12,000 sqft) of surface.

A section of the digging field number 1 in Xian in 1:1 scale is  also on display. The cavern is equipped with over 100 life-size warriors, horses and warcraft. Around the digging hole is a 300m2 full color diorama of the original cavern site representing the vast size of the hole. Visitors can expect to be utterly transported on a journey through time through the use of mystical sounds, text and lightshows while the history of the first emperor of China and his army is narrated. Each figure is displayed under spotlight so one can expect to get a sense of the full magnitude of this important archaeological find.

In addition to the tomb, there are 70 display cases to view, housing exquisite larger than life replications of typical Chinese people of the day, including governors, officers, horses, weaponry, jewellery, art & every day tools.

There will be a movie theatre airing a documentary on the intriguing history of the discovery of the Terracotta Army by the Chinese farmers in March 1974. Large scale images and text information helps to complete this extraordinary exhibition.

For more Information visit www.terracottawarriors.ie

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