EMS Entertainment opens Terracotta Warriors Exhibit in Madrid!

On November 11, history fans in Spain will be able to watch what was once called the “eighth wonder of the world” at the Centro Cultural de la Villa in Madrid: The Terracotta Army of the legendary Qin Shi Huang, the First Emperor of China.

Terracotta Warrior

The Terracotta Army fell into oblivion for more than 2000 years. Its reappearance in 1974 when some Chinese farmers near Xi´an stumbled across it was one of the greatest archaeological sensations of the 20th century.

EMS Exhibits reconstructed the biggest archaeological discovery of the 20th century in a true to original and fascinating exhibition. The unique exhibition showcases the impressive Terracotta Warriors in an authentic reconstruction of the Chinese excavation site. More than 200 figures, horses, weapons and ritual objects bring the extraordinary story to life on an impressive exhibition space of approximately 800m2.

A section of pit number 1 was reproduced in a 1:1 scale. Around this pit reconstruction a huge diorama of the original excavation site reflects the enormous size of the pit in Xi´an. Accompanied by a mystic sound and light show visitors experience a remarkable journey into the time of the First Emperor of China. Around 70 high-quality replicas are on display, including high-quality, life-size clay figures and horses, weapons, jewelry and ritual objects.

Visitors can furthermore view a fascinating documentary by National Geographic about the discovery of the Terracotta Army in the exhibits movie theater. Large scale images and plenty of information panels complete this extraordinary exhibition.

For more information visit www.ems-entertainment.com or buy tickets at www.entradas.com

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