CSI: The Experience™

Solve the Crime – Crack the Case

Originally developed with a grant from The National Science Foundation (NSF) for a tour of U.S. science museums, CSI: The Experience™ gives visitors the opportunity to play the role of a crime scene investigator, learning scientific principles and real investigative techniques as they try to solve one of three crime scene mysteries.

Two state-of-the-art crime labs will help visitors piece together the evidence. With input from investigators from the television show, along with their real-life forensic science counterparts, guests will formulate a hypothesis, validate their findings based on scientific evidence and try to crack the case.

This project was extremely gratifying, because we had a strong collaboration between museum staff, television producers, educators, forensic scientists and one of the world’s top exhibit design companies. ~Van Romans, President of the Fort Worth Museum of Science and History

From DNA and fingerprint analysis to forensic anthropology and toxicology, visitors will be captivated by hands-on science in a multimedia environment with dazzling special effects — direct from the CSI television series. A video introduction by cast members from the TV show welcomes visitors into the exhibit, leads them through the experience, and then evaluates their crime-solving savvy as they exit.

More than 1 million visitors per year

With more than 1 million visitors per year CSI: The Experience™ is one of the top-blockbuster exhibitions in the USA. It was already shown in New York and Orlando, since 2009 the exhibition can be experienced as a fixed installation at the MGM Grand in Las Vegas. So far 7 stations in Europe (Vienna, Warsaw, Belgrade, Dublin, Birmingham, Budapest and Galway) and exhibitions in Taiwan, South Korea, Singapore and Australia made CSI: The Experience™ to a worldwide success.

We are excited to bring the CSI: The Experience exhibit to international fans of the world’s most-watched television franchise. ~Christoph Rahofer, president and CEO of EMS Entertainment
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