Dinosaurs – LIVE!

Experience the thrill of discovery!

Dinosaurs – LIVE! is an highly interactive and educational exhibition about the most impressive creatures that ever lived on our planet: the dinosaurs. No other fossil group of animals is as popular as dinosaurs. The world of the “terrible saurians” fascinates both, children and adults. 250 million years later they were brought back to life with this extraordinary travelling exhibition – opening a window on a world lost to history.

Visitors experience the biggest creatures the world has ever seen – LIVE! with the help of up to 30 larger-than-life animatronic dinosaurs built in theater-like stages with backdrops and a guaranteed jungle feeling. The dinosaur robots are able to move their bodies, eyes, tongues, fingers and even stomachs and come in sizes as large as a 19m x 6m Diplodocus! Light shows and dino-sounds round off the highly realistic exhibits! Visitor can gain precious insights about dinosaurs from all prehistoric periods including their places of discovery, periods of existence, anatomical characteristics, food patterns as well as scientific discoveries about their evolution and habitats. This fascinating mixture of life-like sculptures and skeletons creates the most exciting dinosaur exhibit.

The incredible authenticity of the life-sized dinos makes Dinosaurs – LIVE! a unique experience, more exciting and moving than any museum! ~A visitor

Other activities include a 3D-cinema, fossil-dig, playground, dino-drawing, dino-riding, dino-diploma and a wonderful dino-store stocked with a variety of gifts sure to please any dinosaur fan!

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