T. REX IN TOWN – the only original skeleton of a T. rex touring the world

Exhibitions of dinosaurs have welcomed millions of visitors to museums around the world. They are a major attraction, especially for families. T. rex in particular has always been a visitor magnet. But T-REX in TOWN is not just another dinosaur exhibition – we bring you the real specimen! A real, 66 million-year-old female T-Rex, excavated in 2013 in Montana (USA), prepared and mounted by the Naturalis Biodiversity Center in Leiden, Netherlands. T-REX is the largest and one of the most complete T-Rex skeletons worldwide. With a size of 12m long and 6m high this beautiful specimen is impressively large and powerful and exceptionally well preserved. This exhibition delivers fun for all ages with cutting-edge scientific facts and a variety of fun and educational displays!

What awaits you:

Spectacular introduction

Upon entering the exhibition, visitors will be immersed in a series of impressive all-round movie images and be inspired to explore the exhibition. The montage will include footage from famous movies, documentaries and animations made by the best animation artists.

Dinosaurs come to life Optional

Lifelike models of dinosaurs will evoke the era when T. rex roamed the earth.

Search for a T. rex

The world’s leading paleontologists will take visitors on a T. rex hunting expedition. A feverish search for T. rex fossils in the wild, barren lands of North America. In this documentary, visitors will be shown how the paleontologists’ dream came true. Based on the extensive research conducted since the actual excavation, the experts discuss all the extraordinary aspects of the daily life of this grand old lady.

The real thing

We are proud to present the real skeleton of T. rex, a 30-year-old female that lived 66 million years ago. This very well preserved and unusually complete fossil was recently restored and mounted in a unique posture: head down and tail up, as if she is striding towards you to gobble you up, as you look her in the eye. Imagine the photo opportunities!

Cutting edge science and a lot of fun

This exhibition area offers 12 exhibits about T. rex in general and the 30-year-old T. rex in particular. The information is based on the most recent findings by an international research team of paleontologists and geologists. The exhibits combine texts, images, objects and hands-on activities, for all ages.


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