Harlem Christmas Gospel

And the Church Goes Wild

The New York Harlem Reach Ensemble consists of 60 members, mainly stemming from Harlem and Brooklyn. Most members are active Baptists and on- and off-Broadway stars. Every year, only the best artists are chosen to tour through Europe.

Under special direction of Broadway-Star Alvin Freeland the Harlem Reach Ensemble is celebrating huge success all over Europe, inspiring with outstanding shows. The black Gospel-Stars thrill the audience, not matter what age or religious belief, with their powerful voices and passionate performance. Nobody can resist the intoxicating rhythms and melodies!

Their performance is full of spirit and allows the audience so see into the huge tradition of black music and creates a sensational Christmas feeling, which is hardly ever experienced in the European culture.

Alvin Freeland arranges for an intoxicating and entertaining program out of the empire pool of Gospels, Spirituals and Traditionals, which is completed by swinging international Christmas songs. Swing Low, Happy Day, Oh when the Saints, Amazing Graze… – everything a Gospel fan-heart desires. For the past 2 decades the Harlem Reach Ensemble performed in Europe and is one of the most successful Gospel Shows. So again, the aim is: The audience will give standing ovations! Hallelujah!

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