Scottie, beam me down: Starship Enterprise landing on Lake Constance – 50 years of “Star Trek“: An exclusive exhibition at the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen/Germany


Friedrichshafen – Wanna take a seat on the command bridge of Starship Enterprise? You’re welcome: On October 28th, Captain Kirk and his crew land at the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen – for an exhibition which is singular in Germany. “Star Trek – Science & Fiction“ shows exclusive exhibits from 50 years from the most iconic universe of all times.

50 years ago, the first episode of “Star Trek“ was broadcast on US television. Now coming Thursday the movie „Star Trek Beyond“ starts in German cinemas. The jubilee year will be a feast for all „Trekkies“ and fans of this cult series. The exhibition in Friedrichshafen on Lake Constance comes just in time: As the only museum in Germany, the Dornier Museum for Aircraft- and Space-Technology stages an exclusively composed exhibition around 50 years of “Star Trek“– with some impressively big exhibits and original props from the series and movies. The exhibition branches from the original TV-series (1966-1969) over “Star Trek: The Next Generation“ and “Star Trek: Deep Space Nine“ to the latest films.

Scandal: Kirk kisses Uhura

The entrance to the exhibition leads through a „black hole“ packed with information about history, characters and the humanistic message of “Star Trek“-inventor and author Gene Roddenberry. In the hall, visitors marvel at original props, space suits and uniforms from the „Star Trek“ films. The reconstructed Holo-Deck provides the framework with information and film scenes, including the first film kiss in history between Captain Kirk and Lieutenant Uhura ­ – outrageous in 1968 in the USA. The exhibition‘s highlight is the command bridge set of „USS Enterprise“, completely with captain’s chair and steering panel.

From fiction to reality

Above all this hover gigantic 1:10 scale replica of space station ISS and space shuttle „Enterprise“ from 1976: The Dornier Museum builds the bridge from fiction to vision and finally to progress in space technology. That goes perfectly with the company history from aircraft pioneer Claude Dornier (1884-1969) to successor companies from Airbus to Aerospace: „A visionary idea always starts in the mind“, says the museum’s director, Berthold Porath. „Many visionary things from the first seasons are now reality: The “Communicator” was the blueprint for Motorola’s foldable cellphone; the “Replicator” providing food for the Enterprise’s bridge we find in modern 3D printers.“ This is why director Berthold Porath and the archivist and curator of the Dornier Museum, Ingo Weidig, were so enthusiastic for this exhibition, organizing exhibits and approvals from license holders from Vienna to CBS/Paramount in USA.

 “Warp Up“ with Disco Sound

The organizers expect fans from all over Germany and adjacent countries to the exhibition. Which is – by the way – not identical with “Star Trek – The Exhibition“, which sporadically tours the world since 2012. “Star Trek – Science & Fiction“ is different and lays the main emphasis on the science behind the fiction. So the Friedrichshafen exhibition comes along with a lot of knowledge transfer, workshops for children and youths, expert lectures with scientific approach and lots of events. A “Warp Up Party“ makes curious for endless space – even before the official start: on September 24th, the band “Disco Flash“ plays music from the Seventies. Official opening is on October 28th, followed by theme parties with music from the 80ies (“Next Generation“) and Electro-Dance from the 90ies (“Deep Space Nine“).


“Star Trek – Science & Fiction“, special exhibition at the Dornier Museum Friedrichshafen/Germany, October 28th 2016 to June 18th 2017.

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