Vincent van Gogh draws over 2 million visitors annually to Amsterdam. The Van Gogh Museum Editions are nine carefully selected masterpieces of Van Gogh that travel the world. Through the use of ‘reliefography’, the Van Gogh Museum in Amsterdam meticulously recreated 9 different editions of Van Gogh’s paintings, perfectly portraying their vivid colors and uniquely rugged brushstrokes. Interactive video displays give detailed information about Van Gogh’s paintings and the way this famous post-impressionist worked as an artist.

A once in a lifetime opportunity to own a Van Gogh Masterpiece

limited, numbered, certified & collectable

Utilizing a complex 3D process developed and patented by the Van Gogh Museum with Fujifilm Europe, a limited edition of nine select Van Gogh paintings are now available for purchase after the exhibition run during a special auction (pending availability). Usually only few individuals have the opportunity to experience Vincent van Gogh’s artwork. With the Van Gogh Museum Editions, everyone gets the opportunity to do that by owning a Van Gogh masterpiece. The complex production process, which took 7 years to develop, brings together three-dimensional laser scanning, digital imaging, and state-of-the-art printing technologies. Each canvas is carefully examined and juxtaposed to the original work by the museum’s curators before being authenticated as a certified and limited edition. Nine Van Gogh’s editions, which represent different milestones in Vincent’s life, have been selected and are part of a numbered series of 260.